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Web Sites and Portals, Desktop and Mobile Apps: UX & graphic design and demo realization (HTML/DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, FLASH) E-learning Courses SW Lectora (Trivantis) Print: Invitations, Sales and Marketing materials, advertising. Graphic programs: Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash, Indesign.

The project of interactive catalogues carries on successful mounting and operating of flash animated catalogues in the past years. Having evaluated the past run, taken account of the trends in web technologies and related possibilities of development, we proceeded to develop interactive catalogues of the second generation.



I'v made simple motivation video about e-shopping based on Škoda Auto original video, shopping animation and this simple idea: I usually hate shopping. Usually. Except Skoda Auto "eShopping"...

UseCase - Škoda Auto Mobile CC


First priority was to define client´s expectation and to compare it with expectations and behaviour of users including environment and situations where particular expectations arise.

By strengthening of common points we defined goals and paths leading to them (Use Cases). Based on that we were able to continue further to new user´s experience beyond original expectation. (Discover More)

Analysis of individual steps was done in regard to variability of mobile environment. There were some specific things such as limited ability of attention and concentration, influence of environment but also sudden failure of connection or discharging of battery.

The main inspiration for solving task for me was the arrangement of the lens. Lens rings allow independent adjustment of individual parameters. Final photograph is product of individual settings and the subject, goal, respectively product.

After the presentation of ideas and principles I have created a complete graphic design and functional demo. Demo was tested, inter alia, using the eye cameras.

The results of testing, I took into account in the final graphic design and the creation of design templates (design patterns). One of the elements was interactive help how to use the page for new users.

Original concept designed for basic configuration of the car was proved even with extension upgrade of functionality. Now it is possible to finish complete configuration in mobil car configurator including accessories and services.




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